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Slipknot: “Clown” absent from stage but excused

During their headlining and closing set at this year's Sonic Temple festival, the Slipknot they played without it Clownthe founding percussionist.

Before the fourth of what turned out to be a 14-song set last night (May 19), Corey Taylor addressed the festival audience and the obvious absence on stage that took the group from nine to eight members.

“Obviously we're missing one of our brothers,” Taylor said, revealing the reason for his bandmate's absence. “Clown broke his tooth yesterday and had to have it pulled. There's a problem. He had to stay home for medical reasons. But he insisted that we come here and play this fucking concert for each and every one of you,” he said. the frontman continued.

Commanding the crowd, Taylor continued: “He's missed, he's essential and, damn, on the count of three, I want you to tell him he's so fucking loved. I want to hear you scream: one, two, three!”

Naturally, fans responded with a roar, sending their love to Clown.

Before launching into a three-song encore that began with “Duality“, Taylor said again underlined the absence of Shawn Crahan (Clown) and dedicated the song to him after encouraging the crowd a little more.

Although it's quite rare, it's not the first time Slipknot have performed without Clown.

In 2021, Clown was forced to miss Slipknot's Welcome to Rockville set after undergoing surgery to repair a torn bicep he had suffered on stage a week earlier.

Two years later, the band's founder released a statement revealing that he would be skipping some tour dates to help his wife deal with some health issues.

In 2016, Clown had to abandon an Australian tour due to the loss of his father-in-law and his family.

Slipknot celebrate the 25th anniversary of their self-released debut this year. They have adopted suits and masks from the past to return to their beginnings.

This is the lineup for last night's concert at the Sonic Temple Festival which was held in Columbus Ohio

01. “People = Shit”
02. “Eyeless”
03. “Disasterpiece”
04. “Before I Forget”
05. “Custer”
06. “Psychosocial”
07. “The Devil in I”
08. “The Heretic Anthem”
09. “Unsainted”
10. “Wait and Bleed”
11. “Vermilion”

12. “Duality”
13. “Spit It Out”
14. “Surfacing”