Skid Row and Erik Gronwall: end of a relationship

Skid Row and Erik Gronwall: end of a relationship

The Skid Row they broke up with the singer Erik Gronwall and they announced that Elizabeth “Lzzy” Hale of the Halestorm will replace him for the next concerts.

The news comes from a social media post from the band, which described Gronwall's departure as “amicable.” The Swedish singer, who had been the frontman of Skid Row since March 2022 and had sung on their latest album “The Gang's All Here”chose to step away from the band to focus on his health, as he had previously battled leukemia.

Hale will sing for Skid Row during their US shows in May and June.

Erik Gronwall shared a statement regarding his departure from the group and his health.

I had the opportunity to join this incredible band 6 months after my leukemia treatment. And a month later I was on a world tour with Skid f**** Row. Oh! It was a dream come true. However, it has been difficult to travel the world with a compromised immune system, which is the result of my bone marrow transplant. I respect and understand that Skid Row is a touring band, but since I can't prioritize my health by being in the band, I've decided it's best for me to step aside. I love Skid Row, I have nothing but respect for the guys in the band, but I love and respect my health more. I'm getting stronger and healthier every day, but after consulting my doctor I need to give myself more time to recover, which I can't do as the lead singer of Skid Row. That's why I made the difficult decision to move forward. I want to thank the guys for this incredible opportunity. And I want to thank all the Skid Row fans who have accepted me as the lead singer of this iconic band. Health First of all!

Gronwall officially joined the band as lead singer in March 2022 after the group split with ZP Theart, who had previously fronted DragonForce.

Erik Gronwall had already taken part in the talent show Swedish Idol”, singing the Skid Row hit “18 and Life” during his hearing in 2009.