Paul McCartney's favorite Beatles song is from 1966

Paul McCartney's favorite Beatles song is from 1966

TO Paul McCartney He's often asked what his favorite Beatles song is, and he admits it's a tough question to answer, but “if pushed” he admitted recently, that it's “Here, There and Everywhere“.

McCartney named the song his favorite in a just-released episode of his podcast, McCartney: A Life in Lyrics explaining how Fred Astaire was a partial inspiration for the 1966 track that appeared on Revolvers.

McCartney also explained how he wrote the song one day while waiting for that John Lennon wake up for the day.

“I would go to his house for a writing session and he wasn't always awake,” she said. “So often I'd have 20 minutes, half an hour while someone told him I was there and he'd get up. I remember sitting by the pool at his house in Weybridge, which is a golf suburb of London. I had my guitar because I was ready for the writing session. So I sat down and started something… it all went pretty well and smoothly. So when I got to writing with John, when he decided to get up and have his coffee, I had something on to work on.”

But even so, McCartney said he wasn't entirely sure what direction the song's lyrics would take.

“The purpose of the lyrics is to support the song rather than be “a lyric,” even when you have one like this.” “It's quite liberating,” he continued. “You can just experiment as you go. So things come out like they would in a session with a psychiatrist… Basically, I always say that when I write a song, I'm following a trail of breadcrumbs. Someone threw these crumbs away of bread and I see the first ones and I move on and I feel like I'm following the song rather than writing it.”