Selton: two singles at the same time from the new album

Selton: two singles at the same time from the new album

To anticipate Gringo Vol.1”, their new album out on May 10th, i Selton they publish two songs.

Fatal” And Half half”, that arrive at exactly one month after the release of the seventh studio album of Daniel Plentz's Italian-Brazilian band, Eduardo Stein Dechtiar, Ramiro Levy, represent what will be the varied sonic and linguistic universe of “Gringo Vol.1”.

“Fatal” is produced by Selton themselves together with Machweo, also co-author of the music, and Ricky Damian (who is the producer of the entire album). The choruses of the final coda “when one leaves, attach another to its place” were recorded together with the public in the Casa Lana installation by Ettore Sottsass during “Everything Everywhere All At Once”, the party for the 100th anniversary of the Triennale.

It's a song for who if you feel burnoutas they themselves say Selton: “THE Our friends are all stressed, frustrated and full of open doors that lead nowhere. This is why we wrote a song for them, but ultimately also for us, who are often tired, always in a rush but still late.”.

“Half half” it's a piece in the balance just as the title says: half dream, half reality. Half in Italian, half in Portuguese (but also a little in English). Half in 3/4, half in 7/4.

“A story in half – the Seltons describe it – interrupted by a world that suddenly changes, creating an abyss between two people who were once one. The piano that remains silent, the tarot cards that make wrong predictions… and that in the end don't know everything. Beatles blood in vein and Latin soul. To the choirs with us, the magic touch of Adele Altro (Any Other)”.

“Gringo Vol.1”, as the name suggests, will be the first part of a double album which will see its complete release in 2024.

The album will be available on Island Records/Universal Music Italia on all digital platforms and in physical formats: black LP for all stores and deluxe edition with transparent LP and the iconic Occhiali Paraluce designed in 1953 by Bruno Munari (in collaboration with Corraini Editions exclusively for the Universal shop).

For Mexicans i gringo they are the Americans.
For the Argentinians i
gringo they are the Italians.
For Italians i
gringo they are cowboys.
In Peru if you have white skin, you are a
In Brazil all foreigners are gringo.

Are the Selton themselves to add a further nuance of meaning to this title, explaining its importance, its role in this moment of their life and their artistic activity:

“We wanted to make a record that sounded like Gringo. Here is another meaning of the word: in Brazil it is said like this to describe something difficult to classify, which seems to have arrived from another planet. And, after so many years, our urgency was to make a record that was relevant first and foremost for us and which was therefore not just 'another Selton record'. That's why we decided to use the time to our advantage and only come back with something important to say, something 'gringo'.”

He was involved in the production Ricky Damianyoung Italian professional, Grammy Award winner for Bruno Mars' “Uptown Funk,” and Mark Ronson's right-hand mantransplanted to London to pursue his dream: “he too is a gringo in his own way”.

“Gringoit is a personal revolution for the Seltons We started with about fifty songs – they say – and then arriving at the twenty which were essential for us, and from there we understood that it would actually be a double disc, not a white one – like that of those who have always inspired them – but green”.

The design of the single-color green cover is the work of Eduardo Dudu Stein Dechtiar, bassist and graphic artist of the band. The intention is simple, but ambitious: leave room only for the music, no graphics or other ideas that could distract from that.

In the album tracklist, among the nine tracks stands out, in addition to the one with his friend and colleague Marco Castelloan unexpected featuring with one of the greatest Brazilian artists, a point of reference and symbol of alternative culture during the most repressive years of the military dictatorship in Brazil: Ney Matogrosso.

Gringo Vol.1 Tracklist

Latin Blood (feat. Ney Matogrosso)
Calm down dear
Café Pra Dois
Half half
Giant Squid
Loucura (feat. Marco Castello)
Tears In The Swimming Pool