Liam Gallagher and John Squire, a fairytale collaboration

Liam Gallagher: a record and some short but intense concerts

After his recent tour with John Squire Liam Gallagher he responded to those who criticized the length of the album and his concerts. (Read the album review here).

He did so during a recent interview with NME, in which the former Oasis frontman spoke about the album created in collaboration with the former Stone Roses guitarist and their recently concluded British and European tour.

Gallagher was asked why he chose to limit the new album to just 10 songs – despite them having, as they stated, additional material from the writing sessions that had never been released.

“I'm happy that there are only 10 songs on the album. I think when you start doing more on some you inevitably take your foot off the accelerator. It was all there in these 10 songs,” she explained.

When told about how some artists expand their albums to please streaming platforms' algorithms, he responded: “Well, they're just fucking pets, aren't they? We're not here to be fucking famous – continued the singer – and try to make it in China, clash with fucking K-pop and stuff like that. We don't want to break out in too much sweat. We are of a certain age now. We don't want to appear desperate.”

It also emerged in the interview that some fans were disappointed during their joint tour that followed the album, because their show lasted less than an hour (Read the Milan live review here).

“10 songs and a fucking cover!” he exclaimed, pointing out how he and Squire play the album's entire tracklist, as well as including a cover of “Jumpin' Jack Flash” by the Rolling Stones. “What's wrong with you?” he added, also noting that other new artists “wouldn't fucking cover it,” so audiences at his shows “can count themselves lucky.”

The NME itself, reviewing the Glasgow concert, noted positively that the pair had kept things “short and sweet” adding “what we received was masterful and refreshing. But if this is a partnership that has to continue, they better start with the second album.”

And Gallagher seems on the same page, saying that after the tour it would be “rude not to do another album” with Squire in the future.

After concluding the dates of this short tour the two performed their “I'm A Wheel” on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon last night (April 9).