Neffa is coming back to sort out the phenomena

Neffa is coming back to sort out the phenomena

An audio note published on Instagram like this, out of nowhere, almost three years after the last post. It is the draft of a sketch, with a title that is a whole program: “Olympus gods”. “I know how it is when you're a kid / you rap and act cool / but how do you do it man if you lose the thread / you'll wonder how you'll ever write the book / we live very quickly in this world”, raps Neffa, addressing, at least apparently, the new generation phenomena who in a handful of clicks go from bedrooms to the top of the charts and with a couple of gold records they feel they have already arrived.

Thirty seconds in total: that's how long the clip is.brings out the voice of the 56-year-old artist from Scafati from a thirty-six month long silence, as many as have passed since the release of his latest recording project, “AmarAmmore”. It is not known whether Neffa's move anticipates the release of a new album or whether it is just an impromptu outburst, recorded and shared with those who have been waiting for a sign of life from him for years. Certainly, she did not go unnoticed: e there are already those who are ready to celebrate the return of the guaglione on the track.

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News within the news, in the Neffa skit he goes back to rapping: “I hope it's not a bluff because you would break a lot of hearts that have been waiting for 20 years,” a user writes to him, under the clip, perhaps forgetting that he had already done it in 2013 of “L'anima”the ghost track of the album “Molto calm”, and in the light of day in the same “AmarAmmore” from three years ago.

“Rapping is like riding a bike: you never forget,” said the voice of “Lontano dal tuo sole” when presenting the album in Neapolitan, twenty years after the turning point with “La mia Signorina”. It was 2001 when Giovanni Pellino, after two records now considered cult of Italian rap culture such as “.Neffa & the dopa messengers” of 1996 and “107 items” decided to change everything, appearing on the Festivalbar stage with the catchphrase taken from the album “Arrivi e departenze”: “When I left rap and started making pop with 'My Miss', the kids started insulting me: in the chats on TV programs they wished me to die. But by now I had decided to give up being the king of rap to be a kitchen boy in the singers' kitchen – tale – mine was an unpopular but honest choice. The last rap records I had made were not understood. Then I said to myself, 'I've obviously not been good enough at what I do.' Then I understood: while everyone was going the same way, I, as an outsider, was going the other way”.

In the skit Neffa doesn't seem to be wearing the matusa clothes that beat up the new generation kids regardless (after all, in unsuspecting times he has collected collaborations with colleagues ranging from Rocco Hunt to Emis Killa, from Gemitaiz to Livio Cori, passing through Coez – always in 2021 he also released a new version of his 2009 hit “Far from your sun” together with thasup). You seem to speak more like someone who has experienced certain dizzy spells, those linked to success and popularity, and he saw it pass – as well as a lot of water under the bridge –

phenomena, trends, fashions and so on: “In the nineties, the common person who was in a bar in Quarto Oggiaro listened to Ramazzotti and Laura Pausini. Rap, on the other hand, was an avant-garde of those looking for an alternative path, exclusive to social centers where a political vision of existence was primary. A revolutionary form, of a Marxist nature, of those who were in the ghetto and said 'I don't fit in' – he said last November, guest of the Milan Music Week – today it has become popular music because it is no longer listened to by committed consciences. Those who do trap seek revenge with a full wallet, not those who have a book in their hand”.

Someone didn't miss a small detail: this year they mark the thirty years since the release of “SxM”the iconic debut album by Mixed Blood (considered a milestone of rap made in Italy), the hip hop group with which Neffa began to make himself known, composed together with DJ Deda (real name Andrea Visani) and beatmarker DJ Gruff (real name Sandro Orrù). And what if the return of Club Dogo, another symbolic group of the scene, had made the three think of staging a sensational reunion?