Sanremo Story: the songs that won the Mia Martini Critics Award from 1982 to 1987

Sanremo Story: the songs that didn’t win, and yet… (7)

There are numerous songs that in the seventy-three editions of the Sanremo Festival so far have not won; This doesn’t mean that many of them were great successes anyway. We’ll let you listen to them again.

May she be blessed (Erika Mineo and Salvatore Mineo) Fiorella Mannoia, 2017

Forbidden to die (Ermal Meta) Ermal Meta, 2017

The diary of errors (Federica Abbate, Giuseppe Anastasi and Cheope) Michele Bravi, 2017

Make yourself beautiful for yourself (Paolo Turci, Giulia Anania, Luca Chiaravalli, Davide Simonetta) Paola Turci, 2017

A life on holiday (L. Guenzi, A. Gazzola, F. Draicchio, M. Romagnoli, A. Guidetti and E. Roberto) Lo Stato Sociale, 2018

So wrong (F. Sarcina, A. Bonomo, L. Chiaravalli and D. Simonetta) Le Vibrazioni, 2018

Rolls Royce (Achille Lauro, D. Petrella, D. Dezi, D. Mungai, Boss Doms) Achille Lauro, 2019

Your details (N. Moriconi) Ultimo, 2019

What do you expect from me (G. Curreri, G. Pulli, P. Romitelli) Loredana Berté, 2019

For a million (F. Abbate, R. Pagliarulo, A. Rapetti Mogol, A. Cisternino, F. Clemente, A. Merli) Boomdabash, 2019

Vice versa Francesco Gabbani (Francesco Gabbani and Pacifico) Francesco Gabbani, 2020

Ringo Starr (R. Zanotti) Nuclear Tactical Penguins, 2020

I loved everything (P.Cantarelli) Tosca, 2020

Andromeda (Mahmood – Dardust) Elodie, 2020

Sincere (Bugo, Morgan, A. Bonomo and S. Bertolotti) Bugo and Morgan, 2020

Tikibombom (Levante) Levante, 2020