Sanremo Story: the songs that won the Festival from 1951 to 1960

Sanremo Story: the songs that didn’t win, and yet… (2)

There are numerous songs that in, up to now, seventy three editions of Sanremo Festival they didn’t win it; this does not mean that many were gods anyway greatest hits. We’ll let you listen to them again.

Nobody can judge me (Daniele Pace, Mario Panzeri, Luciano Beretta and Miki Del Prete) Caterina Caselli – Gene Pitney, 1966

The boy from Via Gluck (Lyrics by Luciano Beretta and Miki Del Prete; music by Adriano Celentano) Adriano Celentano – Trio del Clan, 1966

The music is over (Nisa-Franco Califano-Umberto Bindi) Ornella Vanoni – Mario Guarnera, 1967

You must know how to lose (Giuseppe Cassia-Ruggero Cini) Lucio Dalla – The Rokes, 1967

Stones (Gian Pieretti-Ricky Gianco) Gian Pieretti – Antoine, 1967

The immensity (Don Backy-Mogol-Detto Mariano) Johnny Dorelli – Don Backy, 1967

Crazy Heart (Armando Ambrosino-Totò Savio) Little Tony – Mario Zelinotti, 1967

Hello love hello (Luigi Tenco) Luigi Tenco – Dalida, 1967

Song (lyrics by Don Backy; music by Don Backy and Detto Mariano) Adriano Celentano – Milva, 1968

Quando m’innamoro (lyrics by Mario Panzeri; music by Daniele Pace and Roberto Livraghi) Anna Identici – The Sandpipers, 1968

My eyes (lyrics by Mogol; music by Carlo Donida) Wilma Goich – Dino, 1968

The voice of silence (lyrics by Paolo Limiti and Mogol; music by Elio Isola) Tony Del Monaco – Dionne Warwick, 1968

But it’s cold (lyrics by Franco Migliacci; music by Claudio Mattone) Nada – The Rokes, 1969

An adventure (lyrics by Mogol; music by Lucio Battisti) Lucio Battisti – Wilson Pickett, 1969

The first beautiful thing (lyrics by Mogol; music by Nicola Di Bari and Gian Franco Reverberi) Nicola Di Bari – Ricchi e Poveri, 1970