Sanremo 2024: the most used words in songs

Sanremo 2024, the second top 5 of authors and record companies

The second evening of the seventy-fourth edition of the Italian Song Festival, expressing the top 5 voted by the radio jury and by televoting, rewards Warner Music Italy and punishes the independents: the two competitors who during the first evening had kept high the honor of record companies outside the major circuit РAngelina Mango (LaTarma Records) and Diodato (Carosello), in favor of Geolier (first) and Irama (second), both linked to the label with headquarters in Piazza della Repubblica , in Milan. Still the prerogative of Warner Music Italy, third and fourth position remain, where Рrespectively РAnnalisa reconfirms herself and Loredana Bert̩ drops (from first place yesterday). Mahmood, the only representative of Universal Music Italia to have reached the top of the partial chart, remains stable in fifth place.