Sanremo 2024: the most used words in songs

Sanremo 2024: the report cards of the third evening of the Festival

Third round. Fifteen artists perform for the second time, introduced by their colleagues who sang the previous evening. It’s always interesting to see how the songs evolve, who grows and who doesn’t. A new ranking is decreed by televoting and the radios also vote: it is the second time and it is once again an unknown what will happen, at the end of the evening we will have a partial top 5 of this third round of the merry-go-round. Rockol is among the publications present and accredited in the press room: on this page you will find our report cards in which we discuss how the votes were attributed based on the songs and performances we saw on TV from the press room. You deliberately won’t find criticism or too low ratings.

French Saints – “Love in the mouth”: 7

Our Twenty One Pilots. Text that leaves room for the listener’s interpretation, a contemporary pop sound, a performance that is never excessive, elegant, moved by a “quiet force” that transmits truth.

Bnkr44 – “Punk Government”: 5

Nice and full of life, they represent a beautiful photograph of what the future of Italian music could be, but this piece is too monotonous, it doesn’t have any particular flashes, and even the performance, like a aligned boy band, smells a bit like a final performance year.

Maninni – “Spectacular”: 4

Soporific start with two of the weakest songs of this Festival. It remains an ancestral mystery how Maninni was able, with a very normal piece, to directly access the Big category.

The Three – “Fragile”: 4

Lyrics that don’t stand out, music that doesn’t pierce.

Artists who have yet to be released:
5) Mr Rain presented by Il Volo
Rose Villain presented by Gazzelle
Alessandra Amoroso presented by Dargen D’Amico
Rich and Poor presented by Big Mama
Angelina Mango presented by Irama
Diodato presented by The Kolors
Ghali presented by Mahmood
Negramaro presented by Emma
Fiorella Mannoia presented by Annalisa
Sangiovanni presented by Renga and Nek
La Sad presented by Geolier