Mahmood, Diodato, Angelina Mango and Annalisa stand out at the rehearsals

Sanremo 2024: the report cards from the second evening of the Festival

An evening that should be more streamlined with 15 artists performing for the second time, presented by colleagues/colleges who will sing tomorrow evening. It will be interesting to see how the songs evolve, who grows and who doesn’t. Tonight there is televoting and the radios vote: it’s the first time and it’s an unknown – at the end of the evening we will have a partial top 5 of the evening

Rockol is among the publications present and accredited in the press room: on this page you will find our report cards in which we discuss how the votes were attributed based on the songs and performances we saw on TV from the press room. You deliberately won’t find criticism or too low ratings. The report cards will be updated in real time, immediately after the performances.

This is the release order of the evening:

Fred De Palma (presented by Ghali)
RengaNek (presented by La Sad)
Alpha (presented by Mr. Rain)
Dargen D’Amico (presented by Diodato)
Il Volo (presented by Rose Villain)
Gazelle (presented by Bnkr44)
Emma (presented by French Saints)
Mahmood (presented by Alessandra Amoroso)
Big Mama (presented by Il Tre)

The Kolors (presented by Angelina Mango)
Geolier (presented by Fiorella Mannoia)
Loredana Berté (presented by Sangiovanni)
Annalisa (presented by Maninni)
Irama (presented by the Rich and the Poor)
Clara (presented by Negramaro)