Sanremo 2024: the partial ranking before the final

Sanremo 2024: the partial ranking before the final

How is the winner of the Sanremo Festival decided? In the final, i.e. the fifth and final evening of February 10th, all 30 competing songs are reinterpreted again. The general ranking that was determined at the end of the previous fourth evening is communicated to the public: the average between the percentages of votes obtained in the evening and those obtained in the previous evenings will determine a new general ranking of the 30 songs which is communicated to the public at the beginning of the evening. You can read it below.

We start from there, then the performances begin. At the end of the evening there will be another ranking determined by televotingalso taking into account the previous ones. At that point the names of the top 5 classified will be known, who will perform their songs again. Previous votes will be canceled and a new public vote will be taken with televoting (34%), the press room, TV and web (33%) and the radio (33%). The song with the highest overall percentage of votes obtained in this last vote will be proclaimed the winner of Sanremo 2024.

Partial ranking after four evenings:

1 Geolier

2 Angelina Mango

3 Annalisa

4 Ghali

5 Irama

6 Mahmood

7 Alessandra Amoroso

8 Loredana Berté

9 Diodate

10 Alpha

11 The Flight

12 Emma

13 Gazelles

14 Fiorella Mannoia

15 The Kolors

16 The Three

17 French Saints

18 Mr. Rain

19 Negramaro

20 Rich and Poor

21 Dargen D’Amico

22 Big Mama

23 Rose Villains

24 Clara

25 Maninni

26 Renga and Nek

27 Bnkr44

28 The Sad

29 Fred De Palma

30 Sangiovanni