Sanremo 2024: the most used words in songs

Sanremo 2024, the first evening lineup

Get ready, it will be a long first evening of Sanremo 2024: Start expected between 8.40pm and 8.45pm, end expected at 2am. All 30 competitors sing, the press votes, and at the end a partial ranking of the top 5 positions in the ranking.

Opening with the Carabinieri fanfare and then with Marco Mengoni.

This is the lineup for the evening

First block

Carabinieri fanfare, entrance of Mengoni and Amadeus

Clara – “Rough Diamonds”

Sangiovanni – “Finish me”

Fiorella Mannoia – “Mariposa”

Guest from the audience

La Sad – “Self-destructive”


Second block

Irama – “Not you”

Ghali – “My Home”


Third block

Negramaro – “Let’s start everything again”

Annalisa – “Sincerely”

Memory of Giovanbattista Cutolo


Fourth block

Mahmood – “Gold tracksuit”

Diodato – “You move”

Lazza (connection with Piazza Colombo)


Fifth block

Homage to Toto Cutugno

Federica Brignone

Loredana Berté “Crazy”

Geolier “I p’ me tu p’ te’”

Alessandra Amoroso “Up to here”


Sixth block

Tedua (from Costa Smeralda)

The Kolors – “One Boy One Girl”

Angelina Mango – “Boredom”


Seventh block

Marco Mengoni (medley)

Il Volo – “Masterpiece”

Big Mama – “Anger is not enough for you”


Eighth block

Rich and Poor – “But not all of life”

Emma – “Apnea”

Renga and Nek – “Crazy about you”


Ninth block

Mr Rain – “Two Swings”

Bnkr44 – “Punk Government”

Gazelles – “That’s it”

Dargen D’Amico – “High wave”

Rose Villain – “Click boom”


Tenth block

French Saints – “Love in the mouth”

Fred DePalma “Heaven doesn’t want us”

Maninni – “Spectacular”

Alpha – “Go!”

The Three – “That’s it”

The Top Five of the press room