Sangiovanni postpones new album and live: "I decided to stop"

Sangiovanni postpones new album and live: “I decided to stop”

Fresh from participating in the Sanremo 2024 competition with the song “Finiscimi”, two years after his debut at the Festival with “Farfalle”, Sangiovanni shared a long message on his personal social channels in which he communicated the decision to postpone the release of his next album “Relax”, initially scheduled for March 1st, and the concert at the Forum originally scheduled for October 5th, to be able to “stop”.

“Thanks to this experience I understood that being yourself and telling the truth is important, you have to accept who you are,” wrote the singer at the beginning of his long message, which he then underlined: “To avoid classic misunderstandings on the web I don’t say this now because of a place in the rankings, I also experienced the previous Sanremo with the same discomfort, but I can no longer pretend that everything is fine and that I’m happy with what I’m doing”. He then announced:

“Sometimes you have to have the courage to stop and I’m here to share with you that I have decided to do so. The release of my album ‘Privacy’ and the concert at the Assago forum on 5/10 are postponed. For those who have put love and trust in this project by pre-purchasing the Forum tickets or the album will receive a refund, the details are all in the stories.”

He then clarified:

“I want to point out that I’m not giving up, I believe so much in my music and in this project but at the same time I don’t have the physical and mental energy right now to carry it forward. You don’t deserve it, and my team doesn’t deserve it (who I also thank for their closeness). I want to feel good to best conduct music seen as ‘work’. I will continue to write and stay in the studio because it is part of my well-being and in the meantime I will start dedicating time to myself to improve this condition. I know he will help me and that I will be back soon, even stronger than before.”

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On the occasion of his participation in Sanremo, guest of the Rockol Lounge, at the Club Tenco headquarters, in addition to describing his competing song, Sangiovanni shared a personal reflection on his relationship with social media. “This year I have limited myself a lot to the use of social media”, explained the artist: “I no longer believe they are a suitable context for sharing important thoughts. And I find that there is increasingly more hatred and frustration, rather than understanding People are always quick to judge and point fingers without even knowing your life or your surroundings.”

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