Salmo and Noyz "luckily they don't have time to listen to Coldplay"

Salmo and Noyz “luckily they don't have time to listen to Coldplay”

Raw bars, powerful beats with a magical, jazzy surprise, dark imagery. The repack of the joint album, already Platinum, “Cvlt” does not disappoint expectations and embellishes the initial project. This expansion contains five new songs with three collaborations, three rappers who fit perfectly, like a hand in a glove, into the imagination of Salmo and Noyz Narcos. The new songs are: “Hellraisers”, “Hotline” feat. Lazza, “Rap Money” feat. Guè, “Non mi passa” feat. Gemitaiz and “L’odio”, one of the most beautiful songs published by the duo. To present the entire project live, two special event dates are planned, scheduled for Saturday 15 June at Fiera Milano Live – Rho and Friday 21 June at Rock in Roma, two concerts that will pave the way for the “Hellraisers” tour, which will see Salmo and Noyz protagonists of the main Italian summer festivals. The opening track, “Hellraisers”, the title pays homage to the legendary sagarestarts from where it ended.

Powerful beat, with an initial jingle that seems like something straight out of a horror film, parts rapped without a chorus, with a piece divided perfectly in two, as if it were cut by a blade, between Salmo and Noyz. The ending is the entrance door: “Outcast, a madman with a dream, a project. I have a hot pen and I make fire from the roof, it's not for the money, the success, the respect, it's for the hell that is unleashed.” The final sentence is taken from the intro of the video clip of “M3” by Noyz, already mentioned in “Artificial Paradise” by Tedua. “Hotline” is with Lazza who is entrusted with a softer refrain, performed with autotune: “You will think of my bitter tears if rain falls on these streets, now I believe everything that happens will not be one of those bad days”. Then the surprise, Lazza releases himself from the autotune and plays a more stomach-turning part which generates an effect of estrangement. “Rap money” with Gué it's stylish rap, a dark story, a game of metaphors and also entertainment with a cinematic flavour.

“Non mi passa” with Gemitaiz is another no-frills rap piece: “Luckily I don't have time to listen to Coldplay. I don't have time to play, so, chico, don't play. I don't have time to listen to the new record of the year,” raps Salmo. Here the two artists take up the refrain of an old cult piece by Noyz Narcos in which he says “I don't have time to waste on this bullshit”. The bar comes from the song “Non ho tempo” from the project “The Best Out Mixtape” in collaboration with DJ Gengis dating back to 2008. The last track of this repack is special: it is “L'odio”, a quote from Mathieu Kassovitz's film, a piece in which Salmo and Noyz rap on nocturnal and smoky jazz music. Just as happened in “La fine”, in which two rapped on an electric guitar, here they try their hand at an even different and extremely evocative sound. Yes, Salmo and Noyz seem like they can really rap about anything. “I hate these slogans, I hate this clickbait, I hate this pen that stains me with ink that, when I start writing, I become a monster”, Salmo vents. Noyz is no exception: “I hate you and your cheap web culture”.