Aida Satta Flores: a song and a video tribute to Franco Battiato

Aida Satta Flores: a song and a video tribute to Franco Battiato

Unn'E” is a musical tribute by Aida Satta Flores to Franco Battiatocreated together with the musical ensemble of the FOSS Sicilian Symphony Orchestra, the tenors of the Teatro Massimo, and the Tibetan Diplophonic singing of René Miri, among the wonders of the Fiumara d'Arte.

The song, inspired by Battiato's spiritual search (three years after his death), represents a dialogue between Aida and one of her teachers, whom she was lucky enough to meet in the 1980s in Milan. To honor Battiato's art, Aida involved numerous Sicilian musical excellences, creating a tribute that enhances the artist's spirituality and depth.

“Unn'È”, which is the first unreleased song from the project “ConCorde – The scent of REPLANTED lemons” (consisting of an album and a tour), features arrangements by Salvatore Nogara and will be presented on May 18, 2024 on the artist's YouTube channel ( The video clip was filmed at the Atelier Museum-Hotel on the sea in Castel di Tusa, directed by Claudio Colomba and Aida herself. The video includes images from Battiato's last appearance in the 2016 docu-film “Corrispondenze”, with Sebastiano Burgaretta questioning him on meditation techniques, in his home in Milo.

The cover of the song immortalizes the tension in flight of a little bird, symbol of Battiato's earthly passage. The title was handwritten by Sebastiano Burgaretta, a friend of Battiato.

“Unn'È” anticipates future concerts”Battiatics“, with arrangements by Corrado Neri, which will begin in summer 2024 with the Sicilian Symphony Orchestra.

The superintendent of the Teatro Massimo in Palermo joins this musical tribute, expressing the hope that the voice of the artists can always indicate Elsewhere, thus honoring the memory of Franco Battiato with these words:

'With joy I join the musical stamp of Aida Satta Flores addressed to Franco Battiato in the third year of his death, also with the generous participation of four tenors from the Teatro Massimo. If every sacrifice brings with it a residue, I am sure that the voice of the artists always knows how to point to Elsewhere. A rose for Aida, a lily in memory of Franco'

In this period Aida is also working on a project on the importance of Semenze and Semi together with the young composers and musicians of the A. Scarlatti Conservatory of Palermo, to whom she has entrusted the songs contained in her first album “The scent of lemons” produced by Nomads in 1992.