Rose Villain: "This year the music in Sanremo is female"

Rose Villain: “This year the music in Sanremo is female”

My song represents my two worlds. There is a nostalgic part, a little romantic and sensitive, but there is also that part that is a little more urban, a little more badass”, says Rose Villain after her debut on the Ariston stage, where she is in competition at the seventy-fourth edition of the Sanremo Festival with “Click boom!”. Guest of the Rockol Lounge, in the Club Tenco headquarters, the artist confirms his desire and hope of seeing a woman win: “I clearly don’t want to say that a woman must win for reasons of emancipation – explains the singer-songwriter – for me the best must win, music.

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But this year the music is very ‘female’. .So, given the songs that we girls, we women have, I would like to see a slightly more varied podium than last year. It would be so nice to see a woman triumph after ten years.”

On Friday night, on cover night, Rose Villain will take the stage together with Gianna Nanniniwhich the “Radio Gotham” artist describes as “a strong woman, with a voice of the Madonna, with a strong message and with a great desire to break the world“. He adds: “When he accepted it was a dream, he told me that he accepted because he sees a bit of this determination in me too, and therefore it will definitely be something explosive.” But let’s go back to the competing song, “Click boom!“. “If I were to tell this piece as if it were a film, in my opinion, it would have a bit of that static nature of Wes Anderson, with tone-on-tone colours. But there is also a more visceral element closer to David Fincher“.