Ron: the vinyls of "Way Out" and "In Concerto" are out, and the tour

Ron: the vinyls of “Way Out” and “In Concerto” are out, and the tour

On June 23rd the train leaves from San Giovanni in Fiore, in the province of Cosenza “Like an arrow at the bottom of the heart”the summer tour of Ron.

“What I like about concerts is being able to move from one musical world to another, because music is like that: it can always be listened to and appreciated. Summer is then full of colours, particular sounds, memories and songs that people need to take back in their hands…songs that evoke in each of us moments of our past relived with nostalgia…emotions that suddenly strike 'like a arrow at the bottom of the heart'.” he has declared Ron.

Accompanying the musician from Pavia on stage will be Giuseppe Tassoni (piano and keyboards), Roberto Di Virgilio (guitars), Roberto Gallinelli (Bass), Matteo Di Francesco (battery) e Stefania Tasca (choirs, percussion and guitar).

Next June 21st Ron will release two albums from his discography on vinyl for the first time on the Saifam label: “Way Out” of 2013 and “In concert” of 2007. “Way out” it will be available in an orange colored edition / 180 grams with a limited and numbered edition (300 copies). “In concert” it will be released for the first time on double vinyl, in a turquoise colored / 180 gram edition with a limited and numbered edition (300 copies).

Calendar (updating):

23 June, San Giovanni in Fiore (CS) – Open-air theater of the Florense Abbey

28 June, Lamezia Terme (CZ) – Corso Numistrano

13 July, Pollina (PA) – Pietra Rosa Theatre

18 July, San Chirico Raparo (PZ) – Piazza Roma

19 July, San Tammaro (CE) – Royal Site of Carditello

20 July, Guagnano (LE) – Piazza Madonna del Rosario

25 July, Canale d'Alba (CN) – Piazza Martiri della Libertà

29 July, Lignano Sabbiadoro (UD) – Bech Arena-Office 5

5 August, Capo Rizzuto Island (KR) – Santuario Square

6 August, Celle di Bulgheria (SA) – Piazza Umberto I

10 August, Gatteo a Mare (FC) – Piazza Vesi

11 August, Merano (BZ) – Piazza Terme

17 August, Francavilla al mare – Piazza della Stazione

25 August, Mosciano Sant'Angelo (TE) – Piazza Saliceti

1 September, Todi (PG) – Municipal Theatre

7 September, Fai della Paganella (TN) – Paganella Fun Park