Rome May Day Concert 2024: the line up takes shape

Rome May Day Concert 2024: the line up takes shape

The first names of the have been confirmed artists who will grace the stage of the Circus Maximus on the occasion of2024 edition of the May Day Concert in Romewhich this year changes location, leaving the traditional Piazza San Giovanni.

Among the first announced in the line up are Achille Lauro, Coez and Frah Quintale, Colapesce Dimartino, Dargen D'Amico, La Representative di Lista, Malika Ayane, Piero Pelù and Rose Villain. The presenters of the 2024 edition will be Noemi and Ermal Meta.

As always, the Concertone will be free to enter. It will be broadcast starting from 3.15 pm and until 00.15 am (with a break from 7.00 pm to 8.00 pm for the news editions) live on Rai 3 and Rai Radio 2 and will be broadcast on RaiPlay and Rai Italia.

Noemi and Ermal are joined by Meta BigMamawho will host the first part of the Concertone from 1.15 pm (exclusively for Rai Play) and who today, 16 April, kicked off the presentation of the long-awaited lineup on May Day social media ( C50ZLuUN5x6/?hl=it).

Let's build together a Europe of peace, work and social justice” is the slogan that CGIL, CISL and UIL have chosen for Labor Day 2024.

The artistic line of the Concertone 2024 will develop around the concept “Let's listen to the Future #1M2024”, with the intention of marking a new important stage in the musical narration that Primo Maggio has been carrying forward for some time, in an attempt to tell the present of the fervent national music scene, imagining its future.

Like every year, there will be 3 winning artists of the 1MNEXT Contest through which the Concerto del Primo Maggio searches for new talents who, chosen through the various selection phases, will then be invited to perform during the Concertone 2024. The 3 winners will be selected during the live final on April 18th in Rome (behind closed doors), through the vote of the Quality Jury composed of: Massimo Bonelli (artistic director of the May Day Concert, jury president), Sara Potente (artistic director Numero Uno/Sony Music), Lucia Stacchiotti (iCompany), Annarita Masullo (The Goodness Factory) and Simona Orlando (Rockol). One of the 3 will finally be awarded during the live TV broadcast on May Day as the winner of 1MNEXT 2024.

They have been revealed the 12 finalists of 1MNEXT 2024selected through the vote of the Quality Jury and Popular Web Jury: Atarde (Ancona), Belly Button and Il Coro Onda (Rome), Didi (Lendinara – RO), Fra' Sorrentino (Marino – RM), Giglio (Turin), The music of forte (Copertino – LE), Macadamia (Rome), Margherita Principi (Fano – PU), Moonari (Rome), Soloperisoci (Rome), Tigri da Soggiorno (Rome) and Velia (Rome).

The votes assigned to the finalist projects, by the Quality Jury and by the public via the web, are public and can be consulted on the website

In order to ensure the correct conduct of the selections, the online voting control system invalidated all suspicious votes, including those obtained via VPN and/or IP generators. The final evaluation of the individual artist was established by adding, as a weighted percentage, the web vote with that of the Quality Jury. The Popular Jury accounted for 25% of the final evaluation (as per the regulations), while the Quality Jury accounted for 75%.