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Roger Daltrey rails against artificial intelligence

The eighty-year-old frontman of Who Roger Daltrey fears that artificial intelligence could destroy the music industry. The English musician is no stranger to critical statements towards what can be considered new or relatively new technologies. For example, he is convinced that smartphones and television are brainwashing and killing humanity. A minimum of reassurance regarding artificial robots comes from the fact that they do not possess our empathy.

Daltrey talked about artificial intelligence with Shaun Keaveny on the podcast 'Shaun Keaveny's Daily Grind': “The one thing that I firmly believe that artificial intelligence will never have, and it will be its downfall, is it will never have empathy.

It will destroy the music industry if we are not careful… music is a special language and we shouldn't let AI control it. This will always contain empathy, artificial intelligence does not. I can't believe it, if artificial intelligence can ever create empathy, then we will be finished.”

Roger Daltrey He had previously warned: “Once artificial intelligence controls the internet, we will be in trouble. People addicted to their iPhones will be brainwashed. There are a lot of people who look at their iPhone for eight hours a day.”

The singer also said that sitting is the new cancer while urging humanity to stop watching television that sucks the life out of you. “I watch people lose their lives because of this phone. Life is not about looking down, but about looking up.”