Roberto Cacciapaglia: “Generations of the sky” returns to the scene

Roberto Cacciapaglia: “Generations of the sky” returns to the scene

On June 13th double appointment with Roberto Cacciapaglia: his first opera “Generations of the sky” returns to the stage at the Teatro dal Verme in Milan performed by the I Pomeriggi Musicali Orchestra directed by Carlo Boccadoro and on the same day it will be available digitally “Heimat – The Earth” (Virgin Music Group), unreleased version of the final piece of the first act of the opera and second piece that anticipates the forthcoming album of unreleased songs by the pianist and composer.

“Generations of the sky”, which is part of the Panorami sonori review organized by Pomeriggi Musicali (tickets available here), was performed for the first time at the Teatro Metastasio in Prato on 9 May 1986.

“Generations Del Cielo is a hymn to nature, to the elements, to the sun, to the stars, to the Universe, to internal and external beauty – explains Roberto Cacciapaglia – The work is in two acts. The first act is in relation with the external world, all of Nature. The second act is oriented towards the inner world, in search of awareness, of evolution”.

And again: “It is an acoustic writing that derives from the electronic, post-electronic experience. The strings and voices do not vibrate, they are in relation to a very ancient and contemporary system. After the Overture, the opera opens with the first Aria “Kneeling World” and we see how this world is today even more on its knees, devastated by wars, environmental disasters, pandemics, intensive farming… But above all by the lack of awareness and love towards our planet, our homeland.”

Also from June 13th, “Heimat – The Earth” (Virgin Music Group), a new version of the final piece of the first act of the opera, will be made available digitally. After the song INCIPIT Moz-Art K.488 ReComposed, released digitally on April 4, this is the second extract that anticipates the album of unreleased songs.

“Heimat – The Earth is the native land – explains Roberto Cacciapaglia – the Earth not intended as a city or nation, but as an Infinite Space, both external and internal, which belongs to each of us, to every human being, which must be integrated and maintained united, without limits and hierarchies of class, age, ethnicity. With these objectives I decided to create a new version of Heimat, which coincides with the revival of the opera.”

The piece, without lyrics since the text is closely linked to the opera and its libretto, communicates its message through the world of pure sounds: piano, strings and voice, an instrument directly in relation with the Soul. Roberto Cacciapaglia comments: “Artificial Intelligence can and will be of great help to humanity, but we certainly cannot entrust Creation to an instrument that does not have a Soul… And let's hope no one will ever try to make it have one…”