Cyndi Lauper would have liked to be friends with Madonna

Cyndi Lauper would have liked to be friends with Madonna

Thinking back to the Eighties, to the times of his debut Cyndi Lauper she has one regret: she would have liked to have been friends with Madonna. The two American musicians both released their first album in 1983, “She's So Unusual” for Cyndi e “Madonna” for the 'material girl'.

Reflecting on it forty years later, Lauper regrets that they were pitted against each other at the time, so they didn't have the chance to develop a friendship.

Speaking to the New York Times newspaper, the 70-year-old New York musician explained: “It was a shame.

I would have liked to have a friend.” Jokingly, she added: “We were like apples and oranges,” meaning two completely different things.

Cyndi talked about her best-known song “Girls Just To Have Fun”written by Robert Hazard, recalling how he worked to make the video “inclusive” to reflect the scene at the time. “That video was what you might call 'inclusive.' I was fed up with the segregation of the music industry. People create a style together.”

Cyndi Lauper
, who founded the LGBT homeless charity The True Colors United and the abortion campaign Girls Just Want to Have Fundamental Rights, admitted that having first-hand exposure to the problems caused by AIDS he lost some business, but he felt it was important to speak on behalf of the people he loved. Referring to her Italian heritage on her mother's side, she explained: “I know I probably lost some business because I talked about AIDS a lot. But like any good Italian I stood up to defend my family.”