Robby Krieger no longer listens to the Doors

Robby Krieger no longer listens to the Doors

In a recent conversation with Guitar World, the 78-year-old guitarist Robby Krieger he explained why he no longer listens to i Doors. When asked about it, Krieger explained when he happens to have to deal with the songs of his former band: “Unless I intend to include in one of my concerts a song that I haven't played for many years. I always listen to a lot of our stuff on the radio anyway. I think the songs still hold up pretty well.”

Robby Krieger at his concerts he says he sees old fans, but also many young people: “What makes me say this is when I look at the people who come to my live shows and there are old fans, as well as a large percentage of young people who they discovered the band.

It seems like they're really interested in what the Doors did.”

The fact that you don't often listen to the old songs of Doors It doesn't mean that Krieger doesn't like his old band's albums, especially the first album, “The Doors”from 1967, and the last “LA Woman” from 1971. “Definitely the first album, since we spent months and months playing that stuff every night at the Whiskey. Maybe “LA Woman” is my favorite, especially the way we recorded it, we improvised on a lot of tracks until they became songs.”

Robby Krieger also talked about “Riders on the Storm”the song that closes the tracklist of “LA Woman”: “”Riders on the Storm” started out as a surf tune, then somehow morphed into what it became. After Jim died, John and Ray and I did a couple of albums. I think there were some great songs on those albums, even if they don't get a lot of attention.”

Now Krieger has a new band, the Soul Savages, and with them last January he released the group's first album, entitled “Robby Krieger & the Soul Savages”. In addition to Robby, the group has a keyboard player Ed Roththe bass player Kevin “Brandino” Brandon and the drummer Franklin Vanderbilt.