Record of the day: Van Morrison, "His Band and Street Choir"

Record of the day: Van Morrison, “His Band and Street Choir”

Van Morrison
His Band and Street Choir (Cd Warner Bros. 7599271882)

It's not easy to point out just one album by Van Morrison, one of the greatest artists of the last thirty years; indeed, in the case of his first albums it is impossible to choose, they are three works that should find a place in any disco.
How do you decide between “Astral Weeks”, “Moondance” and “His Band and the Street Choir”? Better to buy them all, especially since today they are available at a low price, excellently remastered.

It must be said that in 1970 Van Morrison was traveling at full speed, churning out a more beautiful album than the last in the space of a few months and collecting hits in a burst, which have now become classics. “Domino”, “Moondance”, “Caravan”, “And It Stoned Me” and a thousand others,
imbued with Van's heartfelt love for soul music but also revealing his Irish roots in the accentuated lyricism of the melodies, which entrusted to Van's unique voice are always sincere and direct in their simplicity.

Morrison live is an unforgettable experience; Van always gives the best of himself, demonstrating an artistic generosity on stage that is the authentic photographic negative of his introverted and grumpy character in his personal life.
The album I'm reporting to you contains twelve songs that don't miss a move, full of rhythm, soul, emotion, themes that you'll hum right away, always intelligent lyrics that hark back to the tradition of old blues singers with the addition of a touch of psychedelia.

Compared to almost all the chapters of his discography, prone to melancholic atmospheres, this album exudes joy from every track and is the demonstration of the personal happiness experienced by Morrison in those years, fresh from marriage and at the top of the charts. Ever since he wrote “Gloria” while playing in the group Them, Morrison has proven to be an author with a prolific and quality pen.

We must not forget other fantastic albums such as “Tupelo Honey”, “It's Too Late to Stop Now”, “Saint Dominic's Preview” and even if some albums seem to mark time just listen to “Live at the Opera House” to find the Lion's claws always fit.

Carlo Boccadoro, composer and conductor, was born in Macerata in 1963. He lives and works in Milan. He collaborates with soloists and orchestras in different parts of the world. He is the author of numerous books on musical topics.

This text is taken from “Lunario della musica: A record for every day of the year” published by Einaudi, courtesy of the author and the publisher.