Perturbazione: the live album is released with a reinterpretation of De André

Perturbazione: the live album is released with a reinterpretation of De André

4 years after their last album of unreleased songs (“(Dis)love”)on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the death of Fabrizio De Andréthey return Disturbance who on March 22nd release the album “La Buona Novella (live with Nada and Alessandro Raina)”, a complete live, original and unreleased reinterpretation of Faber's album of the same name released in 1970.

The choice of Turin Disturbancea historic band on the Italian pop-rock scene, was to reinterpret the songs with the style of the band without sacrificing the message and depth of De André's compositions.

The good news“, De André's fourth album from 1970 secularly inspired by the apocryphal Gospels, is considered his most successful concept album, characterized by a great impact and musical depth thanks to folk influences and Gian Piero Reverberi's orchestrations.

Perturbazione's new album (the ninth of their career + two EPs) was born from a unique live event commissioned to the band on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the release of “La Buona Novella” by Fabrizio De André, a concert where Perturbazione performed performed together with Nada, Alessandro Raina of the Amor Fou group, the accordionist Dario Mimmo, the actress Paola Roman and Don Carlo Maria Scaciga performed live.

Recorded live at the Teatro Civico in Varallo Sesia (VC) on 23 October 2010 dto Lorenzo 'Loz' Ori and Cristiano Lo Mele, mixed by Cristiano Lo Mele, mastering by Paolo Iafelice, the album La Buona Novella (live with Nada and Alessandro Raina)“, was accomplished from Tommaso Cerasuolo (voice), Cristiano Lo Mele (guitars, synths, electronics), Gigi Giancursi (guitars and choirs), Elena Diana (cello and choirs), Alex Baracco (bass and backing vocals), Rossano Antonio Lo Mele (drums). With the participation of Nada entry in “Ave Maria”, “Maria in a carpenter's shop” And “Tito's Testament”, Alessandro Raina voice in “The Return of Joseph”, “Way of the Cross” And “Tito's Testament” And Dario Mimmo accordion, bouzouki, keyboards and choirs. The lyrics are by Fabrizio De André, the music by Fabrizio De André, Gian Piero Reverberi and for “The Testament of Titus” Of Corrado Castellari.

This is the tracklist of “La Buona Novella (live with Nada and Alessandro Raina)”:

Laudate Dominum
Mary's Childhood
The Return of Joseph
(feat. Alessandro Raina)
Mary's Dream
Ave Maria
(feat. Nada)
Mary in a Carpenter's Workshop (feat. Nada)
Way of the Cross (feat. Alessandro Raina)
Three Mothers
The Testament of Titus
(feat. Nada and Alessandro Raina)
Laudate hominem

Perturbazione will present “La Buona Novella (live with Nada and Alessandro Raina)” in a series of meetings open to the public in which they will share stories and anecdotes behind the new album and give away some live songs.

The first two appointments are scheduled Friday 22 March in Turin at 9.00 pm at Edit Torino (Piazza Teresa Noce 15/A) e Tuesday 26 March in Milan at 6.30 pm at the Feltrinelli in Piazza Piemonte, where they will meet the fans and sign copies of the album.