Mace announces new album "Maya".  Live at the Forum in October

Mace announces new album “Maya”. Live at the Forum in October

Mace announces new album “Maya”, available from Friday 5 April in CD, colored and signed 2LP formats and digitally on all streaming platforms.

The album in February 2024 is preceded by the single “I don't recognize myself ”, with Psalm and the very young one hundred thousand thousand

“Maya”translatable as “deceit”, is a term that comes from Hindu philosophy to express the great illusion that envelops what we commonly define as “real”, a veil that hides the true nature of things and of ourselves.

The new album by Mace it was also born from this vision with the desire on the part of its author to accompany the listener into immaterial dimensions, to take a real journey through psychedelic atmospheres in a collective work. For the musical writing of the album Mace has in fact gathered 15 of the best Italian instrumentalists.

“I wanted to approach an all-encompassing record, which was born from contact, not from many separate bricks. It is a very different method than what is in vogue today: not single sessions, but periods of life lived together 24 hours a day for several days, in the colors of the Tuscan countryside, sharing practically everything, like a collective of the 70s.
In particular, I had Funkadelic and psychedelic rock in mind, but I often didn't give any precise indications: I wanted the music to materialize, and we were simply antennas, ready to channel it. Many of the ideas in “M AYA” appeared like this, from the interaction between the most talented musicians I know, inside a room full of musical instruments: synthesizers, Indian instruments, wind instruments, harps, guitars, African percussion…we felt like like Pink Floyd in Pompeii!”

After the recordings Mace he added glimpses of sound, strong contrasts and fragments of psychedelia to make what can be heard on his new album alienating and unreal.

On October 18, 2024 Mace will hold the his first concert at the Forum in Milan. Accompanying the producer on this journey will be musicians, visual artists and various guests who will take turns on stage to transport the audience on a multi-sensory itinerary.

After almost 20 years as a collaborator of the most important rappers and an intense career as a DJ, Mace (pseudonym of Simone Benussi) publishes in 2021 “OBE”, his first album with many great guests preceded by the single “Our Song“, with Salmo and Blanco.

It will be broadcast in July 2021 live streaming an exclusive live broadcast created by Mace from Triumphal arch of the Vittorio Emanuele II Gallery, an event organized with the patronage of the municipality of Milan. After the performance at the May Day concert of the same year in Rome, “Obe Live Tour”, the first of this magnitude which, for the first time in Italy, create a producer. To accompany him live conceived audio-visual performances as immersive experiences in which to completely abandon yourself.

In 2022 comes the publication of “Beyond”, 12 instrumental tracks that continue the producer's research into ultrasensory and psychedelic explorations.

In addition to his solo projects, Mace has produced songs such as “Ho Paura di Uscire 2” by Psalm And Lazza“Chic” by Izi“Pamplona” by Fabri Fibra“10 Girls” by Rkomi and Herniathe entire album “DNA” by Ghali. The list of artists with whom he has collaborated (which also includes Marracash, Geolier, Mengoni, Venerus, Colapesce, Gue) is truly extensive and varied.