Percy Sledge, “When a man loves a woman”

Percy Sledge, “When a man loves a woman”

On 14 April 2015 he died at the age of 74 Percy Sledge. In 1966, in addition to singing on weekends, he was a nurse in a hospital in his native Alabama, a nurse who however had a song in his drawer, that song was “When a man loves awoman” and will allow Percy, once it has been incised, to no longer frequent hospital wards for the rest of his life. He wrote it following the most classic of her romantic disappointments, but he did not sign it, assigning the credits to Calvin Lewis And AndrewWright who helped him complete it.

The song was an immediate success and, when we say 'evergreen', over the years it returned to the top of the sales charts several times: either thanks to an advertising spot, or thanks to the interpretation of another musician. His is one of those voices born to sing soul, to give voice to the soul. And to love. .Percy Sledge he performed other songs besides “When a man loves a woman” and he had a very satisfying career, we remember him on the anniversary of his death by offering some covers of what is considered one of the most beautiful songs of all time.

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