Maneskin: "I wanna be your slave" reaches 1 billion on Spotify

Maneskin: “I wanna be your slave” reaches 1 billion on Spotify

They had already reached the goal in May 2022, one year after their triumph at the Eurovision Song Contest, with the cover of “Beggin'”. But in that case it was a cover, not an original piece. Now, two years later, Maneskin have managed to conquer one billion streams on Spotify with another song, this time signed by them: it is “I wanna be your slave”.

The song, contained in “Teatro d'ira – Vol. 1”, the album that the Roman rock band sent to stores in March 2021, immediately after the unexpected victory at the Sanremo Festival with “Zitti e Buoni”, has just passed the important milestone on the popular streaming platform. Maneskin, however, are not the first Italians to reach one billion streams on Spotify with one of their songs. Damiano David, Victoria De Angelis, Thomas De Gasperi and Ethan Torchio were preceded by a few days by Kina, a 24-year-old producer from Acerra, near Naples, who managed to reach the milestone of one billion streams on Spotify with an original track, ” Get you the moon”.

After uploading the song to Soundcloud and then independently on Spotify, Pasquale Renella – this is the producer's real name – saw the song end up in several playlists – and included in the soundtrack of two teen dramas (“On My Block”, Netflix , 2020 and “Noughts + Crosses”, BBC, 2022). The voice that accompanies the production is that of Snow, American singer and co-author of the lyrics. The song remained in Spotify's global charts for more than 450 days in a row and shortly after also reached second position on Billboard's Top TV Songs, a chart dedicated to soundtracks.