Pat Smear was a great help to Kurt Cobain on stage

Pat Smear was a great help to Kurt Cobain on stage

In life, in history and in bands there are characters who do not appear fundamental in the narrative and yet have a role that can be defined as “luxury supporting”, people who have contributed in some way to changing things or the course of events for the better. events.

This is what happened from the meeting between the Nirvana And Pat Smear (of the Germs), responsible for the live revival of Cobain’s band.

Pat Smear artistically it was born before grunge, at the time when punk was a liberating and urgent form of expression. Together with the singer Darby Crash put me on my feet Germs. Using precisely this artistic philosophy, the band’s only album (“GI” 1979) is a milestone of punk/hardcore. In December 1980 Crash died of a heroin overdose at just 22 years old and naturally the Germs experience also ended.

Years later, somehow also descending from that legacy, grunge was born and with it the Nirvana who in 1991 with the album “Nevermind” entered the mainstream. The new status that this passage entailed clashed with Kurt Cobain’s sensibilities and the band thought that for the tour of the next album “In the Uterus” it was necessary to expand the band and Smear was one of the first thoughts, even if Nirvana themselves were surprised that he was still alive.

Dave Grohl recalls in the documentary “Back and Forth”: “When we met him, we thought, ‘Oh my God, it’s Pat Smear from the Germs! Is he alive?'”.

While Cobain played all the guitar on “In Utero”, Smear was brought in as rhythm guitarist for the tour, which helped the frontman focus on singing. Grohl recalls that the addition of Smear made everything right for the live shows.

Recalling his time on tour, Grohl told The Ringer that the new addition helped boost Cobain’s spirits. “When Pat Smear joined the band, he changed everything. We went from being sulky fuckers back to being kids again. He changed our world. He is the sweetest person in the world. He has become very good friends with Kurt. There was some laughter.”

While Smear helped bring levity to the situation, Cobain was already lost in his own oblivion and eventually postponed tour dates to go to rehab, only to be found shot dead in his home.

Smear, who later had the opportunity to play with Grohl in Foo Fighterswith his fun behavior made those last months of Nirvana’s life much less chaotic.