Dominik Paris: downhill skiing and heavy metal

Dominik Paris: downhill skiing and heavy metal

We are used to seeing Dominik Paris descending victorious at over 120 km per hour on the ski slopes engaged in spectacular free descents or in technical and fast Super Gs, the latter specialty which brought him the world title and a world cup. For him also the title of King of the (terrible) Stelvio di Bormio where he won seven times.

An athlete with such courage, size and character (necessary to face speed) would be natural to compare him from the point of view of musical preferences to rock music rather than something more melodic. For Dominik the passion is for‘heavy metal and in this case his favorite group is among the “extremes”: i Panther.

Heavy metal music plays an essential role in my life. It gives me the same sensations that skiing gives me, it makes me feel better, it gives me a sense of freedom. I live for this music. My favorite band is Pantera, they inspire me.

But Dominik is not only a listener/user, but also a protagonist. In fact, when he isn’t skiing he releases all his energy by playing in a band.Rise Of Voltage”, which is how they define themselves on their website:

Rise Of Voltage is an Italian heavy power metal band. The band was formed in 2017 in South Tyrol, Italy, by guitarist Lukas Paris and vocalist Dominik Paris. Frank Pichler on bass and Florian Schwienbacher on drums complete the band. The first album “Time” was released in 2018.

Time” bears the signatures of the two Pariss: Luke deals with the music and Dominik with the lyrics (all available on their website), who “screams” powerfully into the microphone.

To their credit, “Rise Of Voltage” also have a large live activity, obviously all concentrated in the summer season, as guests at metal festivals.

Now, six years after their debut album, Rise Of Voltage are thinking about a sequel to “Time” and announce through Dominik the release of a new album this summer: “”We have to make the last recordings, it will be released in August” he said in a recent interview with ANSA.

Also in the documentary ‘Metal on Streif‘, visible on Red Bull TV, the 35-year-old from South Tyrol talks about his great passion for metal music which he combines with skiing (the “Streif” is a slope located in Kitzbühel, Austria where what is considered the most beautiful downhill skiing takes place and challenging of the entire Alpine skiing world championship circuit)