Nothing But Thieves release the previously unreleased "Oh no::He said what?"

Nothing But Thieves release the previously unreleased “Oh no::He said what?”

Oh no :: He said what?” is the title of the unreleased song published today, January 30th, by Nothing But Thieves to announce the deluxe version of their latest album “Dead Club City” (read our review here).

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The most recent and fourth album by the British band – composed of Conor Mason (vocals, guitar), Joe Langridge-Brown (guitar), Dominic Craik (guitar, keyboard), Philip Blake (bass) and James Price – was originally released in June 2023 and next March 15 will return to stores in one new edition with three unpublished works. In addition to the new single “Oh no :: He said what?”, the deluxe edition of “Dead Club City” will include the songs “Time :: Fate :: Karma :: God” And “You too”, plus new versions of two singles from the original album, “Overcome” and “Tomorrow is closed”.

“Like ‘Welcome to the DCC,’ the song ‘Oh no :: He said what?’ tells the point of view of those who run the ‘Dead Club City’ – panicked by the monster they helped create,” Nothing But Thieves said in a press release: “The scammers have taken action.

A utopia that should have transcended borders by eliminating government control has been dragged back by the human condition, perhaps it was inevitable. The song was the last thing we recorded in the studio and at a certain point it went beyond the concept we had thought of. The story was supposed to end with ‘Pop the balloon’, but these extra songs leave the door open a bit. We like it. Maybe in a decade we should check back on ‘Dead Club City’ and see how it’s doing?’

From next January 31st, Conor Mason and partners will kick off the new tour in the UK and Europewhich will pass through Italy on 26 and 27 February two dates at the Fabrique in Milan. The band will then continue with a world tour which includes – among other things – a stop on June 16th at I-Days Milan 2024 at the SNAI La Maura racecourse in opening for Green Day.

Here you are the tracklist of “Dead Club City Deluxe”:

Welcome To The DCC
Tomorrow Is Closed
Keeping You Around
Do You Love Me Yet?
Members Only
Green Eyes :: Siena
Foreign Language
Talking To Myself
Pop The Balloon

Oh No :: He Said What?
Time :: Fate :: Karma :: God
Pure You
Overcome (new version)
Tomorrow Is Closed (new version)

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