Nomadi: two concerts in Novellara for "NomadIncontro"

Nomadi: two concerts in Novellara for “NomadIncontro”

Thirty-one years after its first edition, organized almost a year after the death of Augusto Daolio dei Nomadi in his honour, the “Nomadeditore” event returns to Novellara. The city that was the birthplace of the late musician and co-founder of the Emilian band, like every year, hosts two days of cultural events and concerts in the month of February, coinciding with the anniversary of Daolio’s birth.

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The appointment with “Nomadcontro”, an event born thanks to the availability of Beppe Carletti, of all the Nomads and with the approval of Rosanna Fantuzzi, Augusto’s partner, this year is set for February 17th and 18th. The event offers fans the opportunity to visit Novellara and the symbolic places of the group, as well as of participate in cultural events and two Nomadi concerts (one on Saturday evening, 17 February, the other on Sunday afternoon, 18 February – info and tickets).

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In conjunction with the new edition of “Nomadcontro” the fifth Augusto Daolio Città Di Novellara Award, established in 2018 as a recognition towards those who, in the field of culture and society, are committed to social issues.