An intimate and slightly melancholic Noel Gallagher, but never sad

Noel Gallagher has it out for Dave Grohl

In the same interview with The Sun in which he “slammed” the Glastonbury Festival for becoming – in his opinion – “too politically correct”, the ever-frank Noel Gallagher told an amusing behind-the-scenes story regarding former Nirvana drummer and current Foo Fighters leader Dave Grohl, considered by the vast majority of his fellow artists to be “the nicest man in rock’n’roll”.

Introduction: Grohl, performing in 2019 with the Foo Fighters at the Reading Festival, launched the proposal to the public to start a popular petition to make the Oasis reunion a reality. While Liam welcomed the joke with spirit, inviting Grohl to the studio a few years later – in 2022 – to collaborate on the recording of “Everything’s Electric” (thus earning the final estimate (of Kurt Cobain’s former buddy), Noel took it differently: a few days after Grohl’s exit, the former main songwriter of Oasis replied (very sarcastically, as is his style) by announcing from the stage of one of his shows in San Diego the desire to start a petition to disband the Foo Fighters. Hawkins, who had supported his band leader in the initiative, did not take it too well (“He can go fuck himself”), but the controversy seemed to have ended. Until a few days ago, when both Grohl and Gallagher senior crossed paths backstage at Glasto 2024.

“Yes, I actually bumped into Dave,” Noel told The Sun: “He would have been within a metre of me watching the LCD Soundsystem concert, and they were staying in the same hotel.”

“I just wish he would mind his own business about Oasis,” Gallagher continued. “I have nothing to say to him. I have no time to waste with some fucking people anymore. I have nothing to say to him. And he’s my brother’s friend.”