Nino Rota, Federico Fellini's composer

Nino Rota, Federico Fellini's composer

It seems that Fellini couldn't stand music and that he had a controversial and particular relationship with the seven notes. The great director confessed it during an interview granted to the microphones of a Rai radio broadcast: on the other side of the table, interviewing Federico Fellinithere was Nino Rota Curiously, the Milanese composer with his music somehow managed to make Fellini “bear” the seven notes: “When you write music you are able to listen to the radio and hear a street musician giving his concert.

I don't want to be held back by perfection in any way. This is why music darkens me, because it represents perfection”, the director told him during that interview, which he wanted.Nino Rota alongside him as composer of the soundtracks of his most famous films. So what better way to remember Nino Rota on the forty-fifth anniversary of his death, if not with some of his compositions for the films of Federico Fellini?

“The White Sheik”, 1952

“I vitelloni”, 1953

“The Road”, 1954

“The Bin”, 1955

“The Nights of Cabiria”, 1957

“La dolce vita”, 1960

“8 and a half”, 1963