New singles, releases on February 9th

New singles, releases on February 9th

To find out about the latest music news of the week, this article will provide you with the complete and always updated list of new songs released on Friday. Every week, artists and bands release new songs, albums or EPs across all digital platforms. If you want to stay up to date with the latest releases, don’t miss the constantly updated list with all the latest music news. This week we talk about Conan Grey, Beth Gibbons, Paolo Jannacci And Shygirl.

Lonely Dancers – Conan Gray

Californian singer-songwriter Conan Gray will release his new album “Found Heaven”, his third, on April 5th. The release of the album is preceded by that of the single “Lonely Dancers”. The album was produced by Max Martin, Greg Kurstin and Shawn Everett.

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Conan Lee Gray was born in Lemon Grove (California) on December 5, 1998, to an Irish father and a Japanese mother, which is why he lived in Japan for two years as a child. His beginnings are directly connected to the web, in fact he has been publishing covers online on YouTube since 2013. His recording history began in March 2017 when he released the single “Idle Town”. In 2018 he released other singles and, in November, the EP “Sunset Season”. At the beginning of 2019 he supported the Panic! tour. at the Disco and…
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Floating On A Moment – Beth Gibbons

Beth Gibbons will release her debut solo album “Lives Outgrown” on May 17th via Domino Records. The first single from the album is “Floating On A Moment” whose video was directed by multimedia artist and director Tony Oursler.

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The man in the flash – Paolo Jannacci

Paolo Jannacci and Stefano Massini presented their song, which denounces deaths at work, “L’uomo nel lampo” at the Sanremo festival as guests. The video was directed and shot by Pablo Benedetti.

Stefano Massini says: “The man in the flash” is a dialogue in music.

There is a father who died very young in an accident at work, one of those who plague our news, without making the news to the point that they no longer cause scandal because work has become a Wild West and rights are a luxury. The habituation to the so-called white deaths is now a fact, and with this piece of theater-song we attempt to lift the veil of narcosis. The song is a small portrait of life, dramatic because it crystallizes an impossible dialogue: from that photograph hanging in the living room, the father never stops talking to his son, who in the meantime grows into the legend of that father who “died in a flash”. It is a new chapter in the collaboration that has linked me to Paolo Jannacci for years, and which since 2020 has seen us in theaters throughout Italy with the replicas of “Storie” at the Piccolo Teatro in Milan. This collaboration makes me even more proud since it is part of a civil commitment, the one on the so-called “white” deaths, which I have denounced many times also for family reasons.”.
Paolo Jannacci adds: “Being able to protect and protect ourselves in the world of work frees us from the pettiness that often dominates us. “The man in the flash” is a small contribution in a poetic key, so as not to forget those who died at work and to always keep on guard, because our lives depend on him. Italy is a democratic republic founded on work, but we often forget this. I can’t say anything else because I’m just an acrobat… But we know: acrobats have always told bitter truths.”

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Paolo Maria Jannacci was born in Milan on 5 September 1972. He became a professional musician in 1988. His musical activity is extremely multifaceted, in fact he also composes for theatre, cinema and advertising. As an arranger he produced all of his father Enzo Jannacci’s records from 1994 to 2013.
In the jazz field he published the instrumental albums: NOTES in 2002, TAPE 1 in 2004, MY TANGOS in 2005, TRIO in 2008, ALLEGRA in 2013 and HARD PLAYING in 2017. In 2011 he…
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mr useless – Shygirl

Shygirl released the EP “Club Shy”, via Because Music/Virgin Music, produced together with Kingdom, Boys Noize, SG Lewis, Karma Kid and Sega Bodega. Empress Of, Cosha and Lolo Zouaï also collaborated. Also in the tracklist is “mr useless”.

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