Musicultura announces the 60 artists invited to the Live Auditions

Musicultura announces the 60 artists invited to the Live Auditions

A new record of participation in this new edition of the Festival with 1,187 artists and the novelty of Musicultura Premiere – the digital platform that showcased the one hundred and one most deserving proposals in the competition, recording 100,000 views and 25,000 votes – the XXXV edition of Musicultura comes to life with the announcement of 60 artists accessing the Live Auditions.

The shortlist of 60 proposals competing in 2024 is made up of 11 bands and 49 male and female soloists; among the most represented Italian regions of origin we find Lombardy in first place with 13 artists, followed by Emilia Romagna with 8 and Lazio and Sicily with 6 artists each.

He said Ezio Nannipieri artistic director of Musicultura

There is an excess of songs around, quoting Samuele Bersani, which seem like faded copies of a thousand summaries, Musicultura serves to counteract this trend which in itself we find sad, through precise artistic choices. Those who love songs, their potential to accompany and sometimes overturn our lives, cannot be satisfied with the aestheticizing pedantry of excellent but soulless, or almost soulless, productions. The sixty proposals that arrive at these auditions, with their stylistic variety and vitality of content, demonstrate that the artistic imagination of the new generations is in good health, in short, they testify that the problem is not upstream of the song supply chain, but rather downstream” .

These are the names of 60 artists invited to the Live Auditionsall authors of their songs:

/handlogic (Florence); Aigi (Tropea); Alec Temple (Cremona); Alessio Ali (Gioiosa Ionica); Alessandra Bosco (Milan); Andrea Di Donna (Rome); Anna Castiglia (Catania); I burn (Vast); Nice flower (Ravanusa); Bianca Frau (Sassari); Boetti (Rome); CORDIO (Catania); dada sutra (Milan); De.Stradis (Bologna); OF THE WIND (Messina); Dena Barrett (Viareggio); Eda Mari (San Lucido); He was born in (Rome); Eugenio Sournia (Livorno); SICKLE (Cumiana); feeda (Consilina Room); phil (Turin); Francesco Faggi (Forlì); gaberlover (Palermo), Glass (Catanzaro); Helle (Bologna); Heren Wolf (Montemiletto); The Voltage Generator (Bologna); Irene Buselli (Genoa); Lou Tapage (Wedge); Malamore (Lecce); Marco Boccuto (Monza); Marilena Anzini (Busto Arsizio); Marta Frigo (Milan); Michelangelo Martin (Potenza Picena); Minimum Vital (Aosta); mmara (Milan); MonaElisa (Forlì); My Girl Is Retro (Perugia); Nico Arezzo (Bologna); Nicole Bullet (Palermo); Nyco Ferrari (Milan); At this point (Cantu); Pit (Segrate); Combat Poetics (Ascea); PORCE (Carugate); Roncea (Vezza d’Alba); Rossana De Pace (Mottola); Sandro Barosi (Cremona); Santoianni (Vigevano); Serepocaiontas (Latin); The Snookers (Morbegno); Tina Plato (Mirandola); Tommi Scerd (Genoa); unadasola (Pietrasanta); Valentina Tioli (Modena); Velia (Rome); TRUE (Pesaro); Viola Violas (Grosseto); Went (Bari).

Over the course of ten evenings of entertainment freely open to the public, scheduled continuously from 1 to the March 10 starting at 9pm and on Sundays at 5pm, 60am invited to the Live Auditions they will perform six at a time, strictly live on the stage of the Lauro Rossi Theater in Macerata.

The live streaming on Musicultura’s social networks will allow you to follow the concerts from home too, which will determine a further selection. Also noteworthy is the presence of Rai Italywith its 120 million viewers spread across five continents, which will follow the Live Auditions with dedicated services and insights.

In the evenings guests are expected including the journalist and music critic of Rai Radio 1 John Vignola Saturday 2 March, e Piero Pelùwho recently joined the Artistic Guarantee Committee, who will bring his friendly testimony to the Festival stage on Tuesday 5 March.

With the live auditions the 16 finalist artistic projectswhich will be examined by the prestigious Artistic Committee of Guarantee of Musicultura, in this edition made up of: Francesco Amato, Francesca Archibugi, Enzo Avitabile, Claudio Baglioni, Diego Bianchi, Francesco Bianconi, Maria Grazia Calandrone, Luca Carboni, Guido Catalano, Ennio Cavalli, Carmen Consoli, Simone Cristicchi, Gaetano Curreri, Dardust, Teresa De Sio, Giorgia, Mariangela Gualtieri , La Representative di Lista, Dacia Maraini, Ermal Meta, Mariella Nava, Piero Pelù, Vasco Rossi, Ron, Enrico Ruggeri, Tosca, Paola Turci, Roberto Vecchioni and Sandro Veronesi.

Among the 1,187 participants in the competition, eight will be the Musicultura finalists who will perform, with prestigious Italian and international guests, in the final evenings of the Festival il June 21st and 22nd at the Sferisterio of Macerata.

There the public vote will elect the overall winner of the Competitionto which the Banca Macerata Award Of 20,000 euros.

Among the new features regarding the competition, there is the consolidation of the partnership between Musicultura and SMEs (Independent Music Producers), started in the last edition with the establishment of the PMI Award for the best recording project.