Nashville, Morgan Wallen arrested

Morgan Wallen apologizes for Nashville 'incident'

Morgan Wallen has publicly apologized for the incident he was involved in earlier this month in Nashville, when he threw a chair from the sixth floor of a public place in the city who, in falling, missed a couple of officers on patrol by a few tens of centimetres.

“I wasn't comfortable talking about it in public before I apologized to some people,” the country star clarified on his social channels, explaining the long silence: “I spoke with the Nashville police, with my family and with boys from Chief's (the local scene of the accident, ed.). I'm not proud of how I behaved, and I take responsibility for it. I have the utmost respect for the officers who work every day to keep us all safe. As for my tour, there will be no change to the schedule.”

Identified and taken into custody by the police immediately after the incident, Wallen was released after the payment of a bail set at 15,250 dollars: the first hearing of the trial against him, which sees him accused of three counts of criminal conduct dangerous, is scheduled – again in Nashville – for May 3rd.