Moody Blues: farewell to co-founder Mike Pinder

Moody Blues: farewell to co-founder Mike Pinder

He passed away at the age of 82. Mike Pinderone of the founders of the British band dei Moody Blues. The sad news of his passing, which occurred yesterday 24 April, arrived together with some messages shared on social media by the musicians' family members and people close to him.

“Very sad news: the last member of the original Moody Blues lineup he passed away”, wrote on Instagram Elizabeth Hines, the widow of Denny Laine, co-founder of Moody Blues and Wings who passed away last December: “He is now reunited with Denny, Ray, Graeme and Clint; What a joyous reunion it must be.”

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Keyboardist and singer Mike Pinder was the last surviving member of the Birmingham band's original lineup, of which it was a member from its founding in 1964 until its exit in 1978contributing to the writing of 27 songs in the group's catalogue, including “My song” and “Lost in a lost world”.

“Michael's family would like to share the news of his passing with his trusted friends and fans,” Pinder's son, Michael Lee Pinder, wrote on social media: “His last days were filled with musicsurrounded by the love of his family.”

Describing his father as a “musician… cosmic philosopher and friend,” Michael Lee Pinder added, “Michael lived his life with childlike wonder, following a deeply introspective path that melded mind and heart. He created his music and the message he shared with the world from this spiritually rooted place. The authentic essence of him uplifted everyone who came in contact with him. His lyrics, philosophy, and vision of humanity and our place in the cosmos will touch generations to come”.

Justin HaywardPinder's long-time companion, said in a statement: “Mike was a natural musician who could play any style of music with warmth and love. His reimagining and reconstruction (literally) of the Mellotron gave us our first identifiable sound. It's been a big part of my musical journey. My sincerest condolences to her loving and devoted family.”

Mike Pinder, who was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a member of the Moody Blues in 2018released a solo album titled “The Promise” in 1976, before stepping away from music for decades, returning in 1994 with “Among the stars”, followed by “A planet with one mindW in 1995 and “A people with one heart” in 1996.