Maya Hawke taylorswiftized herself

Maya Hawke taylorswiftized herself

That it was one swiftieas Taylor Swift's fans call themselves, she revealed it herself a few years ago, telling about how she managed to make her dad Ethan Hawke become a swiftie too. Citing “Ours”, one of the tracks from “Speak Now”, as one of her absolute favorite songs from the American pop star's repertoire, Maya Hawke said: “That was the first Taylor Swift song I played to him on guitar .

He asked me: 'Who wrote it?'. I said, 'Taylor Swift, of course.' He told me that he thought it was a really good song and I said to myself: 'I managed to make my father discover something that he didn't know and that he likes and that I like too'”. But if until now the “Stranger Things” star had been good at keeping her colleague's (and favorite) influence at a distance, in .new album “Chaos angel”, released today, had no problem making explicit the artistic debt she contracted towards the superstar. The album arrives four years after the beautiful “Blush”, the 2020 debut which made it clear that beyond the character of the clumsy and ironic Robin Buckleythere was much more, and two from “Moss”. Maya worked on her new songs together with Christian Lee Hutsonamong the undisputed protagonists of the contemporary American indie folk circuit, who had already given her some suggestions in the previous “Moss”: “Chaos angel” is practically his “Folklore”, in which acoustic arrangements and fairy-tale atmospheres embellish the great melodies of the songs.

At first one might think that the music was just a divertissement for Maya Hawke, a sort of side-project parallel to the acting career of Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke's daughter. Over time, however, Maya has shown that this is not her plan B: it's a career, that of a singer-songwriter, that the 25-year-old New York artist takes as seriously as her career as an actress. By the way: next year we won't see her again until the fifth – and final – season of “Stranger things”, filming of which has been taking place for a few weeks. Maya Hawke will also star in “Revolvers”, a film about an obsessed Beatles fan (her dad is also in the cast) and “Wilder & Me”, about a young musician from the 70s who starts working with the great director Billy Wilder. On June 19th, however, it will be released in theaters.”Inside out 2” and in the original English version He lends his voice to the character Anxiety.

The two careers proceed parallel, in Maya Hawke's mind. This is demonstrated by the fact that the work as a voice actress for “Inside out 2” and the new album “Chaos angel” are two experiences closely linked to each other: “I was really grateful to have played a character that I really feel I have in my head – she says in an interview with the US edition of Vanity Fair – I bet that many people feel like me. In some ways, anxiety is the angel of chaos for me.” “Chaos angel” contains ten songs and there is also in it a surprise cameowhich comes directly from the upside down, to quote “Stranger Things”: it is that of

Sadie Sink, who plays the character of Max Mayfield, one of the most loved by fans, in the Netflix series created by the Duffer Brothers. It is his voice that recites some verses of “Black ice”, the song that opens the album.

The album is a sort of diary on whose pages Maya Hawke has jotted down thoughts and reflections that reflect the ups and downs of her twenties: “So far, every record I've made has been a coming-of-age album. I wonder when I'll stop looking like I'm ready to come of age all the time”, she jokes.