Mal: the Primitives, 80 years and many successes

Mal: the Primitives, 80 years and many successes

He found America in Italy, Paul Bradley Couling: they were Gianni Boncompagni And Alberico Crocetta (the inventor of the “Piper” of Rome) to make him come to us, and here the English singer became very popular, not only or not so much thanks to his singing skills but especially thanks to his physical attractiveness, underlined by a slightly old-fashioned elegance , which made the female audience dream. Mal – which turns 80 today – has been in our sales charts for a long time: we celebrate it by featuring its greatest hits.

1967: “Yeeeeeeh (I ain’t gonna eat out my heart anymore)” (Bardotti – Burton – Sawyer – Tenco)

1968: Bambolina (Any day now) (Hillard – Bacharach – Panesis)

1968: “Betty blue (Je n’aurais pas le temps)” (Delanoe – Fugain – Lovecchio)

1969: “Black eyes black eyes” (Arfemo – Balsamo – Testa)

1969: “Pensiero d’amore (I’ve gotta get a message to you” (Del Monaco – Giacotto – Gibb – Migliacci)

1969: “You are beautiful as you are” (Bardotti – Cassia – Marrocchi)

1970: “Sun, rain and wind” (Isola – Mogol)

1971: “Don’t forget me” (Mogol – Lavezzi)

1975: “Speak to me about love Mariù” (Bixio – Neri)

1977: “Furia” (Albertelli – De Angelis – De Angelis)