Lazza: new single “100 Messaggi” out tonight

Lazza: new single “100 Messaggi” out tonight

After playing it for the first time on the Ariston stage during the last edition of the Sanremo Festival, as a guest, Lazza makes his new single available “100 Messages”. The song will be heard on radio and digital platforms from tonight (Tuesday 27 February) at 1 AM.

“100 Messaggi”, premiered, with the piano accompaniment of the maestro Aleksander Zielinskion the final evening of the Sanremo Festival, is produced by Lazza himself (Jacopo Lazzarini), Drillionaire And MILES. It was Amadeus himself who admitted that he would have brought that song into the competition if it had arrived within the selection times. But the song wasn’t ready yet.

Just one visit to the Festival was enough to spark the fans’ attention and fill the internet with that song.

“100 Messaggi” marks a new stage in Lazza’s artistic journey and opens up a further musical project on the horizon.

The Milanese artist had already convinced the public by appearing at the Sanremo festival in 2023 with his hit “Ash” (written with Tropic And Dardust and placed second), which then became a post-festival hit. “Cenere” was included in the post-festival re-release of “Sirius”, Lazza’s third studio album.