Concerts, summer brings the Libertines to Italy

Libertines: a precious piece of furniture for their hotel

In a recent interview with Matt Wilkinson on Apple Music i Libertines Peter Doherty And Carl Barât they talked about their new album All Quiet on the Eastern Esplanade”of the recording phases (in Jamaica during a hurricane) but also of their hotel and a new piece of “furniture” introduced into the structure.

Pete Doherty and the Libertines in 2020 opened a hotel in Margate, England, called The Albion Rooms. The property, with a Victorian atmosphere and rooms inspired by the 19th century, offers a recording studio, a bar, a restaurant and local works of art. Concerts by indie bands also take place in the structure, whose room prices range from 115 to 230 pounds.

For this story, however, it is necessary to take a leap back in time and space to arrive at 3 July 1971 in Paris, the day and place in which he was found dead, in circumstances never fully clarified, Jim Morrison. His body was in a bathtub.

Now Peter Doherty has declared (for the first time) that he is in possession of that sanitary fixture, which was placed in the hotel owned by the band.

“There's a guy who knows my wife's cousin, and it was his cousin who owned her. The old owner had no interest in music, much less musical mythology and said that people tried to buy the tub from him, but he thought it was morbid to make money from it,” says Peter Doherty, who remembers having proposed: “Well, we will take her to the hotel”. (He did not specify, however, whether it was a donation or a purchase).

And so it was. It will therefore be possible to take a hot bath in that object that has a dramatic history behind it.

The Albion Rooms, Doherty further explained, is a place born from the band's desire to “create a space to record and preserve” their productions. And Carl Barât adds: “We created this hotel with great ambitions and numerous objectives, which we have achieved.”

From a musical point of view the band will be on tour this summer to present the new album “All Quiet on the Eastern Esplanade”. Two events in Italy are also on the calendar. The concerts will be held on July 1st at the Circolo Magnolia in Segrate, near Milan and on July 2nd at Villa Ada in Rome.