Beatles, almost certain: the film "Let it be" returns

Beatles, almost certain: the film “Let it be” returns

Those folks at Walt Disney Studios have released a teaser on social media about an “upcoming project” involving the Beatles. The claim just says “At last” and the image is that of a square divided into four empty squares – as they were, but containing images of John Paul George and Ringo, the album cover and the poster for the film “Let it be”.

On fan sites it is assumed that it is the announcement that – “finally”, in fact – the restored version of the 1970 film “Let it be” by Michael Lindsay-Hogg is about to be published (here is the story in detail of the repeatedly anticipated republication).

Tomorrow we should know more; the doubt, at the moment, concerns above all whether the film will be made available only in streaming or also on physical support (DVD and/or Bluray).