Liam Gallagher tells the Hall Of Fame to fuck off again

Liam Gallagher tells the Hall Of Fame to fuck off again

Liam Gallagher again has harsh words for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame which recently inducted him Oasis for possible entry into the Hall of Fame.

Other nominees include Ozzy Osbourne, Peter Frampton, Foreigner and Mariah Carey. And it is precisely about this last name that Liam Gallagher has doubts and does not seem to share or understand its presence.

During a recent interview with the Sunday Timesthe frontman expressed, with his usual style, his disappointment towards the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and the choices made.

“As much as I love Mariah Carey and everything else, I want to tell you: do me a favor, go fuck yourself”, declared Gallagher starting from the presence of the singer in the list. “It’s like putting me in the rap Hall of Fame. I don’t want to be part of anything that is mentally disturbed.” He said referring to the contemporary presence of Oasis.

The Oasis singer also expressed contempt for the Hall’s leadership team, those who decide the annual list of inductees.

“I’ve done more for rock ‘n’ roll than half those clowns on that committee,” the singer insisted, “so it’s all bullshit.”

We remind you that the nominations are decided by a committee of 30 journalists, record companies and professionals. Another committee of 600 people (including professionals, winners of past years) chooses from the nominations and names those admitted. The winners in the various categories are decreed by fans who have until April 26th to express a maximum of 7 preferences per day by registering on the appropriate site (

This isn’t the first time Gallagher has openly criticized Hall. Not long ago, after Oasis were announced as one of the candidates for 2024, the rocker had already expressed his disappointment with their nomination (Read here).

Gallagher later explained to a fan why he had no interest in entering the Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame. “I don’t need some bonus handjob by a geriatric in a cowboy hat.”