Kurt Cobain, 1994-2024: today the Rockol special

Kurt Cobain, 1994-2024: today the Rockol special

More years have passed since his death, thirty, than Kurt Cobain lived, twenty-seven. But the Nirvana frontman has certainly not been forgotten – not even by us. On the thirtieth anniversary of that sad April 5, 1994, Rockol today dedicates an extensive special to Kurt with many articles, which reconstruct his life and career through comments, testimonies and excerpts from books about him.

You can find them all collected here or read them one by one at the links listed below.

Kurt Cobain. Talking about it while I'm alive

Kurt Cobain: Courtney Love's epitaph

Kurt Cobain: death and conspiracy theories

Kurt Cobain, the comic biography

Kurt Cobain: the first suicide attempt

Kurt Cobain: the memory of the manager, Danny Goldberg

Kurt Cobain, the “Unplugged” of MTV

Kurt Cobain: Nirvana concerts in Italy

Kurt Cobain at Bloom in Mezzago, 1989 and 1991

Kurt Cobain in Rome in 1994, meeting the fans. The photos

Kurt Cobain, his music lesson: “anyone can play guitar”

Kurt Cobain, his name in songs: dedications and quotes

Kurt Cobain covers 'Smells Like Teen Spirit'

Kurt Cobain: what remains of grunge 30 years after his death

Kurt Cobain: Italian covers and tribute evenings