Kirk Hammett: "Joe Satriani is Yoda, he's my Yoda"

Kirk Hammett: “Joe Satriani is Yoda, he’s my Yoda”

The guitarist of the Metallica Kirk Hammett recently spoke on The Metallica Report podcast, singing the praises of his former teacher Joe Satriani explaining that receiving compliments from Satriani is very important to him.

The podcast host, Steffan Chiraziat one point he said that both Satriani and Steve Vai they covered the song by Metallica “Enter Sandman”. Joe Satriani he said he really likes the solo on that song. To which Hammett replied, “It’s absolutely, totally, completely wonderful. I love a lot of his solos. He’s Yoda, he’s my Yoda. Every time Yoda says, ‘Luke, Luke, you can do it!’ that’s how I feel.”

Joe Satriani
he finds it very enjoyable to play that solo of
In an interview with Ultimate Classic Rock, Satriani and Vai talked about their experience playing
“Enter Sandman”
live. When asked how they decided to cover
“Enter Sandman”
the guitar virtuoso replied: “I was just throwing ideas around with my keyboard player, Ray Thistlethwaite, who has an amazing voice. We had just finished a G3 tour where he was singing some really old stuff from the ’60s. We were like, ‘Well, let’s take that and play a better mix of songs.’ We knew we were going to do[Vai and Satriani’s new song]‘The Sea of ​​Emotion, Pt 1.’ We were texting back and forth with the craziest song ideas. At one point, I just threw out ‘Enter Sandman.’ I didn’t really think he wanted to do it, but he was like, ‘Let’s do it. I want to sing that.’”