Kesha's New Independence

Kesha’s New Independence

I’m a bitch, I’m already rich, I’m just looking for a mmm,” sings Kesha in the very first verses of “Joyride,” her new single. What she was looking for in the censored line when she wrote the song, the Los Angeles pop star revealed in a live on Instagram, and it’s not hard to figure it out. It is no coincidence that the song was released on July 4th, Independence Day.: “Joyride” it’s a celebration of his, of independence. Finally free from the constraints that tied her to Kemosabe Records, the label – controlled by RCA – founded by that Dr. Luke who exactly ten years ago she dragged to court on charges of having sexually assaulted and psychologically abused her, the voice of “Tiktok” sings her freedom.

The car ride he talks about in the lyrics to “Joyride” is, of course, a metaphor: .Kesha is not afraid to be foul-mouthed, brazen, and outrageous. Over the top, above all..

This party sucks”, she sings. That he didn’t just want to attend the parties, but – to quote Sorrentino – he wanted to have the power to make them fail, the parties In these ten years she has divided public opinion and the music business, legitimizing the issue of sexual violence in the entertainment world even before the media storm raised by the actresses who in 2016 took courage and denounced the powerful film producer Harvey Weinstein for harassment, giving rise to the MeToo movement.

In the end, the judges cleared Dr. Luke of all the accusations made against him by the singer. Kesha, who seems to have already completed the cycle of rise, fall and redemption that pop stars usually go through in an entire career, had explained on social media in recent months that she intended to close that chapter of her life once and for all and write a new one. In March, she tweeted: “.This is the first day I have had a voice again in nineteen years: welcome”. Last month, he attended the Pride parade in Hollywood, announcing to the crowd: “This is my first show as a free woman”. And on stage he sang two new songs, “Mother” and “Freedom”, which should be included in the album of which “Joyride” represents the first official appetizer.

The single marks a return to the electropop of her early days with the same “Tiktok”, which in 2009 catapulted the then twenty-two-year-old singer to the top of the world charts. Last year she tried to start over with Rick Rubin, who produced the disconcerting “Gag order”, an album inspired by her “spiritual awakening”, between psychedelia, dark pop, distorted sounds and lyrics in which she sang about doctors and lawyers who wanted to cut out her tongue and about suicidal thoughtsFor the cover photo she had herself portrayed with a plastic bag on her head that prevented her from breathing: a metaphor for the last years of her life and her career.

Now Kesha has taken that envelope off and caught her breath: in “Joyride” She sings about her perversions, her sexual fantasies, portraying herself as a bossy woman who treats her partner like a brat.. “I’m just looking for a good time tonight / baby, I want you to / rev my engine ‘tul you make it purr / keep it kinky, but I come first”, “I’m just looking for a good time tonight / baby, I want you to / rev my engine ‘tul you make it purr / keep it kinky, but I come first”, he sings. Don’t try to judge her: “I’ve earned the right to be this way,” she claims..