Tenacious D, Jack Black and Kyle Gass cover Britney Spears

Jack Black: “School of Rock” soundtrack is streaming

Through a video shared on social media, Jack Black announced that the original soundtrack to the 2003 film “School of Rock” is now available for the first time on digital platforms.

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The album, previously only available in physical format, includes rock classics from artists and bands such as The Who, Doors, Stevie Nicks, Led Zeppelin and Ramones, as well as songs re-interpreted by the cast of the feature film such as “It's a long way to the top ( If you wanna rock 'n' roll)”.

The soundtrack of “School of Rock”, with Jack Black as Dewey Finn, a constantly broke musician who becomes a substitute teacher in an elementary school where he secretly begins to teach his students the subtleties of rock and roll, also includes some original songs like the title track. The digital version also features the bonus track “In the end of time” performed by Black.

Last March, in an interview for the online magazine “Joe”, Jack Black said he was ready for a sequel to “School of Rock”, but only if the screenwriter of the first film Mike White is involved. In the meantime, the actor and musician has been busy with various roles on the big screen and has continued the Tenacious D musical project with Kyle Gass.