Bon Jovi: small show for the opening of Jon Bon Jovi's club

Bon Jovi: small show for the opening of Jon Bon Jovi's club

Hope among Bon Jovi fans had never completely died out yet, even though it had been clear for some time that Jon Bon Jovi's vocal problems could keep him away from stages around the world for a while. After having talked on several occasions about the state of health of his vocal cords and that he might even stop singing live if “I can't be like I used to be”, in a new interview for the “Guardian” to present his band's new album ” Forever”, the group's frontman confirmed that there will not be a tour to support the album released on June 7th.

Despite having made it known that he does not yet feel ready to face a tour and perform for several consecutive evenings, last night 8 June Bon Jovi still returned to play on stage for a small show. .

The occasion that saw the band back on stage was the opening of JBJ's in Nashville, a new venue which, as stated on the official website, promises “live music, craft cocktails and private events” in “a rooftop bar brought to Nashville by the legendary Jon Bon Jovi.” In addition to the band members themselves, the event featured the participation of other rock stars, such as Vince Neil of Mötley Crue.

During their five-song set, Bon Jovi played some of the most beloved songs from their repertoire along with the first single from “Forever.” After having proposed, for the first time since 2019 – as reported on, the 1988 song “Blood on blood”, followed by “We weren't born to follow”, “You give love a bad name” and ” Born to be my baby,” the band performed “Legendary.” Some videos of the show made by those present have been shared online:

During the recent interview for the “Guardian”, updating on his state of health and closing the possibility of a tour for the new album, Jon Bon Jovi explained: “I'm working on it. There are no miracles. I wish there was a damn switch . I'm more than capable of singing again. Standard now is this: Can I do two and a half hours a night, four nights a week, instead? Even though touring is not an option right now, the musician made it known that he is still determined to continue working: “A light turns on inside you when you are on stage”, he underlined: “As long as I have the chance, I'll write songs and make records.”

Talking about his band's latest album, “Forever”, the Bon Jovi frontman said in an interview with Rockol: “It represents a lot of joy. Writing and recording this album has been nothing but joy. And the reception so far has been incredible “. Of the sound of the new work, he added: “The goal was always to sound like Bon Jovi, not like something or someone else. And I think we've long since achieved that sound. When I was a kid, I remember that he said, 'The Rolling Stones sound like the Stones.' That was the biggest compliment you could give a band, that they sounded like themselves. And that was our goal and I think we achieved that goal a long time ago.” .