Ian Gillan's house burned down and then...

Ian Gillan’s house burned down and then…

The frontman of the Deep Purple Ian Gillan nearly died in a fire at his cottage in Portugal that caught fire in the middle of the night, the ordeal inspired him to write the English group’s new single. The 78-year-old British musician revealed that he was asleep when the fireplace caught fire and the sprinklers came on, prompting him to dream that the property had filled with water and prompted him to build a raft to save himself and his cat.

He stated this during an interview with the British newspaper The Times.

TO .Ian Gillan it was in fact asked if the band’s new song “Lazy Sod” was about climate change, but the rocker explained that the fiery lyrics were about his house burning down. “It’s about my cottage in Portugal. There was a fire in the chimney caused by a bird’s nest and the sprinklers came on. I was in bed and I was dreaming that the house was filling up with water and I had to build a raft and save the cat. So it’s not about a global issue. It’s about my house catching fire. Those are the things that make me happy.”

During the interview,
Ian Gillan
he explained that his songwriting has changed over the years because he’s changed as he’s grown older. “Your body changes, your mind changes, but the big change for me came when I was in my mid-thirties. I felt embarrassed writing about fast cars and stuff, and I started thinking, it’s got to be emotional, otherwise it’s not rock ‘n’ roll, but is there more to it than that? I started looking at things in a more surreal way. That’s when I realized you can write a song about anything.”

“Lazy Sod” it’s a piece of “=1”the new album of Deep Purple which will be released on July 19th. The band is waiting for concert in Italy on July 10th at the Cavea Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome and on July 11th at the Marostica Summer Festival in Marostica, in the province of Vicenza.